The Trophy

The 36-inch perpetual trophy was created especially for Americas' Sail by sculptor Anthony S. Fabbricante of Oyster Bay (NY).
This trophy symbolizes the great brotherhood of the sea.

Two-tail shark: Sharks have existed in the seas for millions of years; they are survivors and magnificent rulers in their element. The two-tail shark symbolizes the great power and unpredictability of the sea. Caution and awareness always the "order of the day".
Bird: The albatross-like bird is symbolic of the wind, which is life and breath to the ship.
Rope held by hands: Pulling on the lines by seamen is the first step of a ship's journey. With her lines and the sailor to man them, the ship awakens to sail. They represent the ship's strength, power, unity and lifeline.
Triangle: The sculpture's triangular shape symbolizes navigation. These three points are a guide to the seaman's destination, adventure and dreams.
Lighthouse: The beams of light symbolize the arms of God reaching out, bringing them safely through dangerous shoals to home port.
Compass points: They are symbolic of the world, and of those who have committed their lives to the sea and adventure. May God always be with them.
Anthony S. Fabbricante, Sculptor

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