This is a list of links and credits to the various software programs and web sites utilized in the production of this site. Any programmer, whether HTML or the more advanced languages, needs a tool box of resources and the experience of those more advanced to draw upon. These are some of the many resources I worked with.

Photo and image utility operations and basic manipulation were done using CPIC. This program is great for image format conversions, resizing, cropping, rotation and the like.

For more advanced image work, making custom texts and combining images I used Simply 3D and Banner Maker Pro.

Many of the java applet effects were learned by using various pre-written applets as well as small programs that will write the code for you. Among those are effects designed by DS Effects and the Anfy program. These can be found at
The Java Boutique. Anyone interested in learning more about java applets and their applications should visit this site.

As with most things, I am sure I have forgotten someone here (feel free to remind me), but I will continue to update this page.